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2019 Womens Conference

Womens International

Jim & Jana Wedding

December 18, 2019

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The benefits of cruise ship conferences are too impactful to resist.


Foster meaningful bonds between colleagues with an exciting range of indoor and outdoor activities

Private Group Celebrations

Nothing brings a group together like a good party. Find your ideal celebration venue.


It's not just a unique experience, it's also less expensive when compared to hotel conferences.

Come be Out among the Sea and Stars with Earth Challenge

We provide a unique platform as Sea to create targeted and curated collisions with respected professionals, complemented with amenities normally found on 5 star resorts. With the focus on awareness along with outcomes, our members will be learning, earning and growing while onboard. 1-2 day events, 4-7 days, 2 weeks and one month periods will be tested the first year.. Our goal is to create lasting memories while developing, producing and integrating value across assets and impact programs.

The Self-Contained Floating Platform is important and different and managing and maintaining such a large sea based platform is key to the potential to penetrate awareness and community of Earth Challenge. The strategy and method creates economic value with our purchasing of an undervalued asset as well as create exponential gains economically with our digital assets and relationships created with our go to market strategy.

EarthChallenge Partners

We are partnered with the best of the best digital and technological partners!

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